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I Ching online reading for free from ichingfortune.com

Is it difficult?

Consulting the I Ching at ichingfortune.com is very simple. You can simply enter your name and the question you want answered and then click the form button and go straight to the answer!

Preparation for asking a question

Begin by quietly thinking about the question you want answered for a few seconds. No need to rush this stage, a quiet mind seems to create a better result. When you feel ready, enter your name and question in the form and click the submit button alternatively just click the button. The reading will then appear. Play particular attention to the judgement, image and any moving lines you get in the reading.

I Ching Hexagrams

The I Ching hexagrams produced by the oracle can be seen here at the hexagrams index page. Just click on any of the numbered images to go to the detailed James Legge I Ching translation we use at ichingfortune.com.

Simply enter your name, question and click Get Reading