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I Ching site links.

Fortune telling is a popular activity! Obviously there are many issues of importance that we seek to have answers on. The are consequently many sites offering similar services to ichingfortune.com. We have compilied a list of interesting sites that you can visit.

Facade.com  is a fascinating site with many fortune telling methods. I Ching, Tarot, Runes and many other systems. The readings are free.

The I Ching on the Net  is a large I Ching links site. Lots of cool stuff.

Sacred-texts.com has a very good introduction to the I Ching and lists of the hexagrams.

Clarity I Ching provides a personal IChing reading capability and many good links, check it out.

Tarot Reading I Ching and much else of an esoteric nature.

I-ching - Philosophy and Practice A valuable I-ching - Philosophy and Practice site.

Online I Ching oracle and more. Ask the Oracle using either the sticks or coins methods.

To get your free I Ching reading go here.