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James Legge Iching hexagram translations

ichingfortune.com takes great pleasure in offering free I Ching fortune telling readings using the James Legge translation of the I Ching, to everyone!

You are a spiritual being in a spiritual world and like the rest of us, sometimes you need guidence on lifes important issues. For example, how is my health condition going to progress? Should I take that new job? Is my financial position going to improve? Is my new partner being honest with me? Sometimes we just need to look at the bigger picture and get another view of reality. The I Ching provides this ability. So just what is this I Ching thing?

What is the I Ching?

The I Ching, also transliterated as Yi Jing, Yiying and I Ging (Classic of Changes or Book of Changes) is one of the Five Classics, the fundamental books of Confucianism. It is over 3000 years old (the symbols used in divination are over 5000 years old), making it both one of the oldest surviving books in the world, and one of the oldest forms of divination. It is by far the most popular spiritual resource and oracle in Asia, and has a growing following in Europe and the Americas based on its uncanny ability to provide detailed insights to those who study it carefully.

The I Ching is, therefore, one of the oldest and most credible of the "New Age" oracles out there. Like the Tarot the I Ching provides an insight into our own Psychological attitude to our situation, providing a valuable insight into our state of mind and clues pointing to solutions we may have otherwise missed.

Why ask the I Ching?

Although the future is ultimately unknowable, there are ways to see the direction ahead. The I Ching is one of the tools you can use.

ichingfortune.com is not suggesting that you turn off your intellect or open your mind so much that your brain falls to the floor! We are suggesting that a merely formulating a question to ask can itself be a very informative activity as it shows what is important to you at that time. The way you respond to the answer received is also significant. Are you disappointed, angry, happy with the answer? What can these factors tell us about what is important?

The current financial situation is Perilous at best. What harm could it do to ask if the investment advice you are receiving is really the best for you? Should you buy those bonds, invest in that companies shares? Perhaps you are concerned about the quality of your food. Should you look at organic food to improve your health? Green is cool but is it good for you? As you can see we have raised only a few issues that you could consult the I Ching over. Looking for a life partner, is this the one? The questions are endless the answers useful so why not give it a go? Its FREE!

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